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Breaking through Kain, the legacy of Kain vampire

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    Hello everyone, Staff Mentor Evo said it was ok if I ask this question here. We had a discussion via inbox which was the following;

    The Question is how much force/pressure would be required to break through this character (kain);

    As you see in this video, 2 minutes and 13 seconds in Raziel (blue guy) strikes at Kain (the other vampiric fellow with long white hair).

    Previous estimates that I have come to use based on discussions with other people outside of this forum tell us that Raziel exerts 11.6 Terapascals of pressure on Kain, due to him having great force combined with claws with a small surface area, yet even this great number cannot seem to make Kain bleed.

    But I want to know how much force may be required to make him bleed, and am willing to assume 11.7 Terapascals or so is enough to at least scratch his skin like a kitten may scratch. From this, how much force/pressure is required to break through kains skin and all that entails, through his muscle, sinew, bone etc, break his spine and get out the other side?

    My end goal is to know how much pressureforce is required to get through kains entire body, bones and what not.

    Thank you for your time! :kiss:
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    It seems no one has responded to your question so I guess I'll give it a shot:

    There was a TV series called Fight Science that analyzed various martial arts techniques to see how valid they were using a variety of scientific equipment. You might be able to view these shows on YouTube and from them gain some understanding for your problem.


    I know in the shows I've seen they typically setup and conduct an experiment and draw conclusions from it as opposed to using newtons laws to derive the answer from scratch. The body is very resilient to blows which make it difficult to determine what you want to know from theory alone.
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    Thanks Jedi. Are you knowledgeable about the show? on first typing it into youtube it seems like there are a lot of episodes, I am not sure where to begin.

    I found these;

    But their more about force in a punch which of course do not always break skin let alone go through a human being.
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    Staff: Mentor

    No im not completely familiar with it. I've seen a few episodes and recalled some of the experiments they did.

    Another show to checkout is the deadliest warrior. They would pit two historical warriors against one another by evaluating their weapons, armor and techniques. They would then run a thousand battle simulations and use statistics to declare the winner which ifelt was somehow poorly done as i was never able to see the real program used and how it worked. Its entertainment after all with a thin layer of science.

    During the evaluation, they use pigs carcass as a target and strike it with a weapon to see the effect and a doctor would evaluate the trauma inflicted. Sometimes they would describe the forces needed to wield the weapon.
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    Thanks. So far I have tried calculating various things in the game to determine his skins durability further and its gone from 11.6 terapascals to 1.77 petapascals.

    Bone also has a good few thousands times the pressure resistance as skin on a human being, so calcluating from there I can tell how much more pressure/force you may need to break one of kains bones.

    Problem is each thing i calculate is seperate, e.g. skin, bone etc, when the body is a complete system that is connected to all the vital parts and the skin, muslce and bone is likely to work as one to stop intrusive action to the body. ill check out some deadliest warrior, may help and maybe I can scale from there.
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