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Breakthrough Miniature Accelerator

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    This was published in Nature, so it seems credible enough:


    So could this thing be used to help achieve an Accelerator-Driven Reactor System?

    Can this thing generate high-energy light for nuclear applications? Perhaps to explore nucleonic transitions?

    Could it be used for generating a powerful ion-beam or proton-beam, as a spallation source in an ADRS?

    What are the applications here?
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    "accelerator-driven reactor" has never had issues with beam energy. There's enough energy in the current technology for it to be used. So why would such application use something this exotic? And note the BEAM SIZE that one of these could use. If you're talking about YIELD, would you use a micron size beam?

    Advanced accelerator techniques such as this are mainly for achieving the next level of energy for particle collider at a lower cost that won't bankrupt a small nation.

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