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Brightkite - location-based social network

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    It's an iPhone application (or runs on simple phones too). It finds your GPS location and tells you about all other users are withing 100 m, 200 m, or .. 2 km .., .. range.

    I think it's a really impressive application but there are obviously privacy issues. It can be very useful though - like getting traffic information or parking spots etc.
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    There is a similar app on google phone.

    I don't see what's the point to know that your neighbour has an iphone, or someone you don't know entered a store.

    I guess a variation that shows you the location of your friends only would be more useful.
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    But that can be as useful as
    where strangers are providing us information about the lowest gas prices.

    Brightkite is a new application and there aren't many users yet, and many people don't own iphones. But, I think these kind of applications which enable us to easily share information with a large group of strangers can be very useful.
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    Privacy issues? Well if you wanted privacy about this you wouldn't have downloaded the app in the first place.
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    it would certainly be a great way to stream location-specific ads to people
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    That was my thought, too...what a great way for marketers to constantly pester you.
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    I saw this advertised. I can see it appealing to young people with a closed set of friends, but I can't imagine sharing my location and what I'm doing with complete strangers. Talk about an invitation to psychos.
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