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Network (stylized NETWORK) is a national Catholic social justice lobby headquartered in Washington, D.C. The organization focuses its lobbying efforts in the areas of economic justice, immigration reform, healthcare, peace making and ecology. Sister Simone Campbell is the executive director of NETWORK.

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  1. Superposed_Cat

    Debugging a Backprop Neural Network: Issues & Solutions

    I am trying for the first time in 5 years, to make a n- layer, m-width backprop neural network from scratch, My issue is, I've tried training it on XOR, where it returns 0.48 for any of the inputs instead of 1 for half of them and 0 for the other half, if you give it a dataset where the outputs...
  2. M

    A Mixture density neural network prediction bias

    Hello! I am using a mixture density network (MDN) to make some predictions. My model is very simple with one hidden layer only with 10 nodes (the details of the network shouldn't matter for my question but I can provide more if needed). Also my MDN has only one gaussian component which basically...
  3. Shreya

    Capacitor Network - Series or Parallel?

    My textbook solution states that 1 & 2 are in parallel and so is 3 & 4 and those 2 are in series. That is, (1 P 2) S (3 P 4). My thinking is such: points A & B are of same potential, say V, C & D are of same potential, say x and E & F are are of same potential, say 0. So I can say that 1 and 3...
  4. Benjies

    Zero-day Network Exploits, and Securing a Network Against The Unknown

    Hi all! I'm coming from the aerospace subforum, so please inform me if I'm inadvertently breaking some rules of engagement here with this post, or if I've broken an unspoken tech forum rule (I know frequently each subforums have their own way about doing things). My question is in regards to...
  5. shivajikobardan

    MHB Redundant network design and how it affects subnetting?

    Considering these factors, propose a redundant network design architecture in hierarchical form for a bank having four departments namely HR(20 pcs), marketing(20 pcs), finance(45 pcs), IT (30 pcs). Each department has managed its own DHCP server. IT department has managed FTP server, HTTP...
  6. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Network design -- numerical problem asked in our exams

    Provide IT infrastructure details for a government school with 4 departments including ISP department which are around 500 meters apart from each other. Three departments have 5 labs each with around 24 computers in each room. ISP contains server farm with server like DNS, DHCP, E-mail, FTP and...
  7. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Current broadcast address+1 for next subnet network address?

    https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/netacad/demos/CCNA3v3Demo/PDF/lab_1_1_4.pdf This is the pdf I am studying from. This is not exactly what I need for my exams but it’s pretty clearly written and concept giving thing. is given IP address to subnet. We need 4...
  8. B

    Deep learning - neural network

    I have a picture of a guy's face and I had an artist draw him as an alien. How do I make a neural network that would take in the original picture and learn how to draw the picture the that artist make? I want to make a filter, that if you can enter in any guy's face, and the program would...
  9. T

    Network analyzer on a single wire

    I have a NanoVNA spectrum analyzer. I took a 1 meter 12 AWG solid copper wire and soldered one end of that to the center conductor of the SMA connector and did a sweep from 10 kHz to 1 Ghz looking at reflection. I have attached a photograph of the result. My hope is that someone can tell me...
  10. Wrichik Basu

    Activation of Network Connection failed on Ubuntu 20.04

    I am facing this issue since some months on my laptop running Ubuntu 20.04. The WiFi disconnects suddenly and cannot reconnect, and an error message is shown in the Notification saying "Activation of Network Connection failed." This is not a problem with the router because just a few days back...
  11. sophiecentaur

    How does the 'Helium' Network work?

    The Helium Network describes itself as a Community network of hotspots and claims to be a source of revenue for members. The literature (example here) only seems to talk in vague terms of providing connectivity via hotspots. I can see my neighbour's box on his chimney but I can't find any...
  12. shivajikobardan

    Comp Sci Every student loves to party in semantic network representation

    1 example to represent the question in semantic net. Second question-: every student loves to party. Represent this in semantic net. The answer is below-:
  13. B

    Python Input error for LSTM neural network

    Hi everyone, I have to classify a DNA sequence with a LSTM neural network but I have a problem with the inputs shame. Both the sequence and the class are encoded with One Hot Encoding and my code is this: import pandas as pd import numpy as np data = pd.read_csv('splice.data', header = None)...
  14. phoenix-anna

    I Applications of the proposed global quantum network of clocks

    Physicists have proposed linking a global network of cesium clocks in a phase-coherent entangled state, for example in the article A Quantum Network of Clocks (arXiv:131045v1). My audience would like to know how better synchronization or more accurate timekeeping would lead to advances in our...
  15. shivajikobardan

    MHB Confusions about hopfield neural network solved example

    I am from Nepal and instead of asking us code, these are types of questions that are asked in our country examination system. IDK what's their purpose. But some of them are badly hard as there are not many examples about it in textbook(In Nepal we can't get the textbook reference that the...
  16. T

    Impedance Matching: The mathematical Conditions for Matching Network

    Assume we have a network consisting of a source with impedance ##Z_S## and load with impedance ##Z_L## and we want to perform impedance matching on them in order to obtain the maximum power transfer: Note that in practice there may occur sitations where causes more harm than profit (see eg...
  17. user366312

    How can I implement a multi-task deep learning neural network?

    I have 3 classes (A, B, and C). I have 6 features: train_x = [[ 6.442 6.338 7.027 8.789 10.009 12.566] [ 6.338 7.027 5.338 10.009 8.122 11.217] [ 7.027 5.338 5.335 8.122 5.537 6.408] [ 5.338 5.335 5.659 5.537 5.241 7.043]] These features...
  18. cianfa72

    Two-port linear network general representation AV + BI = 0

    Hi, as follow-up to this thread I've a question about general representation of a two-port network. Basically it is ad hoc built four-terminal linear network (using controlled sources + nullator-norator pair): for it I found a general representation ##AV + BI = 0## as in the picture above. If...
  19. cianfa72

    Question about the energy stored in an RLC parallel resonant network

    Hi, I've a doubt about how to the energy is stored in a 'real' RLC parallel resonant network feeds from a sinusoidal source. Take a 'real' RLC parallel network having a resistor ##R_s## in series with the inductor ##L_s## (modeling its loss) with the capacitor C in parallel and consider it in...
  20. yecko

    Comp Sci What is Node and Edge Betweenness in Star Network?

    What is "node betweenness of node 0", and" edge betweenness of edge e01" in the question = ? What is B there in the solution? why e34 calculated instead of e01? (as highlighted) Thank you
  21. R

    Find the Equivalent Impedance of the Network

    We are asked to find the equivalent impedance of the network. Nothing is in series or parallel so I don't know what to do. We cannot use mesh equations or Thevenin's theorem because is no current or voltage source. So I have no clue.
  22. M

    Two-port network: transformation of low-pass to band-stop filter

    Hi, Context: I was looking through some circuits material in the topic of filter synthesis for two port networks. For simplicity, these networks have been synthesized for normalized conditions: 1 rad/s cut-off frequency and a termination resistor of 1 ## \Omega ##. An example filter is shown...
  23. TimeSkip

    Mobile network or internet on Long-Fi?

    I have a question if it would be possible to have a cellular network on Long-Fi? I have tried searching for information on the theoretical maximum bandwidth of Long-Fi; but, can't find anything. I also am unsure if the idea would be of interest to companies like Tesla to set up a hub connecting...
  24. Z

    Why is my multilayered, feedforward neural network not working?

    Hey, guys. So, I've developed a basic multilayered, feedforward neural network from scratch in Python. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out why it is still not working. I've double checked the math like ten times, and the actual code is pretty simple. So, I have absolutely no idea...
  25. A

    How to implement a Fredkin gate in a classical network?

    Hi, I'm wondering about the Fredkin gate (controlled swap) gate, which is defined by the truth table on p54 here. I'm trying to implement it in a simple feedback network that takes the form of what can be input into this software: integratedinformationtheory.org/calculate. Any pointers would be...
  26. PhysicsTest

    Power calculations for an AC network

    The voltage and current are given as ##v(t) = 359.3\sin(\omega t + 15) volts ## and current is ## i(t) = 100\cos(\omega t + 5) ##. My question here is do i need to convert the voltage into cos terms or current into sin terms. suppose if i convert the voltage into cos terms, the calculations will...
  27. C

    Equivalent Capacitance of a Triangular Network of Capacitors

    Hi, I'm struggling with this question. I feel like I don't even know where to begin. It seems to be a relatively simple calculation, but would the effective capacitance between A and C not just be 1 microFarad? Obviously that can't be the correct answer because such a simple observation wouldn't...
  28. K

    Adjacency matrices and network visualisations

    I have this set of adjacency matrices and networks given to me and I need to match the matrix to the network and then describe the dynamics. At first glance it seems to be Ac, Bb and Ca but I'm not sure if that's too obvious and I'm missing something as I haven't looked at visual...
  29. Wrichik Basu

    Problems with a USB network adapter for a PC

    Frequent visitors of this forum will remember my previous thread where I mentioned an issue with the USB LAN adapter in our desktop - it used to disconnect automatically from the net. We could narrow down to the fact that the problem occurred only when we were downloading large files (>= 800...
  30. S

    Neural network without neurotransmitters

    Could evolution have produced neural network without chemical neurotransmitter (such as serotonin), like our computers? Are their organisms without neurotansmitters? If neurotransmitter are indispensable. Why don't our computers have components or function similar to neurotransmitters?
  31. stiwi_xyz

    Need Help With These Resistor Network Problems Please

    Consider the resistor network shown in Figure 1-1, where 𝑅1=2𝑘Ω and 𝑅2=5𝑘Ω. (a) Calculate the numerical value of the single equivalent resistance, in 𝑘Ω, as seen from the terminals 𝐴−𝐴′. Express your answer to two decimal places.Next, consider the circuit shown in Figure 1-2, where 𝑉=30𝑉 and...
  32. R

    Possible to network in one's field while learning new science?

    Or at least honing ones scientific skill/knowledge? How would one go about this? NOTE: I am talking about a non-pandemic or otherwise non-emergency condition.
  33. B

    Engineering RLC Series Network: Impedance, Current, Power Factor, Phasor Diagram

    Hello. I have completed the following question. My answer: i) Circuit Impedance Reactance = XL = 2 x pi x F x L = 2 x pi x 50 x 0.15 = 47.12 Ohms Reactance of Capacitor = XC = 1/2 x pi x F x C...
  34. T

    Combining feature vectors for a neural network

    Let's consider this scenario. I have two conceptually different video datasets, for example a dataset A composed of videos about cats and a dataset B composed of videos about houses. Now, I'm able to extract a feature vectors from both the samples of the datasets A and B, and I know that, each...
  35. hagopbul

    Computer Can We Create an AM Wide Area Network for Virtual Learning During Quarantine?

    Hello all: I hope all are fine and well in their houses As I am looking into ways to fill my empty time other than reading undergraduate physics books I start to look around and wonder about giving online lessons for public school students , which they are now without a school , but I found...
  36. brainbaby

    How does the tapped capacitor network increase the impedance?

    Please help me comprehend the text below... The discussion begins with the current flowing through the inductor for both the cases (case a and b) stays same.The input voltage is Vi. When two tapped cap is used with the current that is flowing in the inductor is divided among the two capacitor...
  37. J

    Question Regarding Parallel Plate Capacitor Network

    Hello, I have a question regarding the capacitor/resistor network as shown. My question is simple. I realize that the instant the switch is closed, then the top plate of the capacitor must be at a potential (VA) of 5v. However, I also realize that the instant the switch is closed, literally...
  38. R

    Electronics Can I pull a network cable from the middle of the run?

    I need to run about 70 ft of ethernet cable through my basement, which is actually two separate unconnected spaces ( there is a small gap above the dividing wall). Because of the layout -- bends and very limited space -- it will be much easier to start near the middle and pull toward each end...
  39. cianfa72

    Linear 2-port network representation

    Hi, in the context of linear two-ports networks my (italian) textbook says that if its internal structure consists of passive one-port components with no independent current/voltage generators then the following (implicit) linear equations based representation always exist: ##\left[A\right] V...
  40. L

    Frequency response - Hydraulic network

    Hello everyone, i have a measured signal of a high pressure oscillation in a hydraulic network. Performing a FFT of said signal shows two dominant frequencies, a and b. After performing a linear analysis of the hydraulic network i found out that the network has two eigenvalues at those...
  41. V

    Mathematica Can Python and R be used for data science techniques?

    Hello, I use Wolfram Mathematica (WM) for my calculation but I'm not much familiar with neural networks, machine learning, etc. On the other hand, I know that WM includes such tools. I would like to learn this stuff just for operating on this level. I read some tutorials and I would like to...
  42. K

    Normalization condition with a neural network

    Hello! I have some data points generated from an unknown distribution (say a 1D Gaussian for example) and I want to build a neural network able to approximate the underlaying distribution i.e. for any given ##x## as input to the neural network, I want the output to be as close as possible to...
  43. J

    MHB Exploring Graph Theory to Identify Network Similarities

    Hi, I am very new in Graph Theory, and am currently trying to figure out it's potential to solve my research problem. Here it goes: I have a large physical network (10000 nodes, around 14,000 edges), it can be represented by an undirected weighted graph. Many portions of the network might have...
  44. Tone L

    Which Wifi Hotspots Work Best in the Pacific Northwest?

    Hi all, I am planning a trip where I will travel to the pacific western United States. The states encompassing the trip are Idaho, Oregon, Washington and northern California. I want to upload some data along the way. I have been seeing many maps that outline hot spot coverage with companies...
  45. H

    I How is dark matter thought to have formed a network scaffolding?

    The summary pretty much says it all: How is dark matter, responding to gravity, thought to have formed filaments and walls--the scaffolding for the large scale structure of the universe--rather than random clumps? I can understand how scattered matter might not coalesce while exchanging...
  46. Eucliwood

    Calculating Resistance at Multiple Points in a Resistor Network

    Problem Statement: Finding the resistance when probed at point bc, cd and da Relevant Equations: Series and Parallel resistance equation derived from kirchhoff's law with application of ohm's law I genuinely don't know what to do on this one. The example our professor made isn't exactly clear...
  47. Miles123K

    Oscillation of a driven RLC network

    We know that the charge on capacitors as a function of time takes the general form of: ##Q(x,t)=qe^{ijka}e^{-i\omega t}## The voltage at each capacitor: ##V_j = \frac 1 C (Q_j-Q_{i+1})## From KVL we have differential equation of t-derivatives: ##LQ'' + RQ' = V_{j-1} - V_{j}## ##LQ''+RQ'= \frac...