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Browsing for a motor that is able to spin at 3500+ rpm

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    Hi, i need help figuring out what to look for in a motor given certain specifications. If I am browsing for a motor that is able to spin at 3500+ rpm while holding 200 lbs. of weight, what attributes/values do i need to pay attention to?
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    You need to say exactly what your speed will be and what tolerance you can live with. For example, would a 3450 rpm ac motor do?

    The 200 lb weight presents two issues: torque and bearing loads. Will the shaft be vertical or horizontal? Will the shaft be supported? Will the load be overhung? What will be the moment of inertia of the load? Will the load be statically balanced? Dynamically balanced? How long do you want the bearings to last? How much money do you want to spend?
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    Thread moved from General Physics to the ME forum. Should get more replies here.
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