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Bs Computer Science & Ms math & PhD physics

  1. Jan 17, 2015 #1
    I was in Bs physics engineering but I decided to switch away from and now I am taking my bachelor degree in Computer Science (I couldn't stand laboratories) but I still want to be a theoretical physicist! I have taken some courses in physics like quantum mechanics and fortunately I was able to do some summer schools in gravitation and astrophysics.

    But I think the only way to follow my dream is to do Ms in math and then part iii in Cambridge.

    Nevertheless, I still have some question:
    i. Is it possible to get an advanced degree that is not directly related to your Bachelor's?

    ii. Is it possible to be a theoretical physicist with my bs in computer science and ms in math?

    iii. Do Cambridge accept people with bs in computer science and ms in math into partiii?
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    (i) and (ii): yes.
    It helps to choose some math topic that is used in your favorite area of theoretical physics.

    (iii) ask them?
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