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  1. D

    Studying Value of learning the Theory of Computation and Automata

    This may be a somewhat disorderly, unplanned out question, but nonetheless, I don’t know whether or not there exist any suitable academic advising websites that would be suitable for posting such. Would it be worthwhile investing time into learning theory of computation and automata via Neso...
  2. E

    (This is not a question) Interdisciplinarity

    Hi! I'm a Computer Science & Engg. BSc. graduate from Paraguay, having followed also 1 1/2 years of Psychology paralelly. My interest is nothing but understanding the universe, in all its shapes and flavors: physical, mathematical, biological, or our subjective one, etc. Particularly, the...
  3. bagasme

    Learning American English for Computer Science

    Hello, When using computer programs (such as Microsoft Office), the default User Interface (UI) language is American English. Since this variant of English is common on computer programs, should I learn American English as ESL for Computer Science? Cheers, Bagas
  4. P

    What specs should I look for in a laptop

    After completing my sophomore year at college as a Physics major and I realized that the laptop I currently have is not able to keep up with the demand I put it under for school. The laptop I currently have has a <2 hour battery life and has been known to crap out (didn't know how else to...
  5. E

    Find the atom using a quantum oracle

    My attempted solutions was, for example let's say we have 4 atoms, and if i ask the oracle about any two atoms that are connected by edge, i can narrow done some possibilities to two atoms. I'm still not sure where i am going with my solution, but if any of you can think this through and come up...
  6. Z

    Engineering Senior mechanical engineering student With a 3.5 GPA but I really hate it

    Hello guys, Long story short i am a senior mechanical engineering student (graduating next year). But i do not like my major, at first i did not matter to me what i choose or what i study. i did not know what i like and mechanical engineering seemed a good option to me in terms of good job...
  7. J

    OO Programming in Physics

    Would physics majors benefit from learning how to do Object Oriented programming?
  8. J

    Courses Physics and Computer Science

    To what extent do modern physicists need to know computer science?
  9. M

    Dynamic Programming - Restoring white space between words in a file

    All the white space among words in a text file was lost. Write a C++ program which using dynamic programming to get all of the possible original text files (i.e. with white spaces between words) and rank them in order of likelihood with the best possible runtime. You have a text file of...
  10. hnnhcmmngs

    Executing code, which statements are true?

    1. Homework Statement Question 1: def convert(degrees): degrees += 273.15 return degrees degrees = 10 print(convert(degrees)) Which of these statements are true after the code executes? (There may be more than 1 correct answer) a) The value of degrees in the main namespace is...
  11. V

    Schools Applying for Physics Grad School without Physics Major?

    I've always wanted to be a Physicist and become a researcher. I'm particularly interested in particle physics and quantum computing. I have BS Computer Engineering and MS Computer Science degrees and have been working as a programmer for more than 5 years. How should I go towards a Physics...
  12. astroman707

    Programs Is a 2nd major in comp sci useful in computational physics?

    I'm majoring in physics and I'm planning on pursuing computational astrophysics in graduate school. Will a second major in computer science/programming look good to graduate schools, and/or will it give me great advantages in the field of computational astrophysics or astronomy?
  13. Lapse

    Integral for Current through an Inductor -- Not Working

    1. Homework Statement Calculate, and plot along with (on the same plot) the voltage seen below, the current flowing in the following circuit using the integral relationship between the voltage across an inductor and the current through the inductor. Verify your hand calculations and plot using...
  14. Lapse

    Engineering Design Circuit to Convert Current to Voltage | LTSpice Also

    Hello, We just finished up midterms and I actually did well--got an A. However, somehow between the midterm (class before last) and last class we jumped to creating a circuit with a diode. I am pretty lost. 1. Homework Statement 2. Homework Equations Voltage / Current = Resistance 3...
  15. matqkks

    I When was the first time the abbreviation "RSA" appeared?

    <Moderator's note: Edited and URL removed due to potential copyright violation.> When was the first publication of the abbreviation RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) because it does not appear in an article by Martin Gardner of 1977.
  16. Lapse

    Engineering Question About A Particular Circuit in LTSpice

    I am simply attempting to design a circuit in LTSpice. We just started on dependent sources. I am having trouble designing this guy here: Here's what I've got: What does this error mean? What do I need to change to make this circuit work?
  17. L

    Schools Pair CS/Math or another natural science with Physics?

    Generally speaking, would it be better to pair a CS/Math minor/minor or minor/major (respectively) with physics or an additional natural science major (e.g., biochem, biophysics, chemistry) with physics? I plan on going to grad school to either pursue a physics Ph.D. or a master's in...
  18. P

    Programs Should I do a 'dual' masters degree?

    At my university they offer a program where you can pick two science disciplines and do a sort of 'half and half' masters degree. My B.S. is in Physics, and I somewhat want to do material science, which also directly relates to my current job and undergrad focus, but both mathematics and...
  19. B

    0s and 1s Array problem

    1. Homework Statement A house has n x m rooms (n and m natural numbers, n>=2 and m>=2) and is represented as a 2 dimensional Array with n rows(0 to n-1)and m columns(0 to m-1).The room at line i( 0 <= i <= n-1) and column j ( 0 <= j <= m-1 ) is identified by the pair of numbers (i,j).All rooms...
  20. K

    Contributing to research

    I am someone who likes to come up with new algorithms. Is there a platform to exchange such ideas. Any mailing lists to advance computer science? Perhaps there are programs that accept new algorithms. Sorry if this is a vague post but this is a broad topic.
  21. U

    Engineering Should I major in Computer Science, Physics, or Aerospace Engineering?

    << Mentor Note -- two threads on same subject merged. Please do not cross-post across forums here >> I am passionate about Physics, Computer Science, and Aerospace Engineering. I am about to start my freshman year of college in the fall and have yet to decide which would be the most reliable...
  22. pairofstrings

    I System to represent objects in Mathematics

    Hi. Usually, Computer Programmers use Flow Charts, Algorithms, or UML diagrams to build a great software or system. In the same manner, in Mathematics, what do Mathematicians use to build a great system that they want to build. Category Theory is at the highest level of abstraction; then...
  23. M

    Programs Best complementary degree for computer science?

    What would be the best degree to have along side a degree in computer science? I am thinking it is either physics or mathematics. My interests involve, robotics, artificial general intelligence, 3D graphics, computer vision, neural nets, file compression and aerospace engineering(It’s an...
  24. ScienceGuy42

    Engineering Does an astrophysicist (PhD or post-doc) need computer engineering?

    Does an astrophysicist in research areas such as cosmic structure and evolution, galactic archaeology, and/or black hole phenomena require extensive skills (i.e. undergraduate degree) in computer systems engineering/computer engineering? The idea is to do a combined degree with computer...
  25. Saqib Ali

    Other MOOCs vs Textbooks for computer science students The above link has a list of free online material to learn a lot of the math required in computer science. I'm already a 4th year undergrad, but I didn't learn...
  26. Saqib Ali

    Hi, I'm Saqib, a senior CS major at Georgia Tech

    My passion is the environment, and I want to apply data science and machine learning to climate data. I didn't learn much from my math courses throughout and haven't taken a physics or chemistry course since high school. I want some guidance on how to self-learn math starting from Calculus...
  27. L

    Courses How important is physics in computer science?

    I was looking at A website for community college students that lists the courses you need to take at a CC in order to transfer to a UC or CSU. I'm a CompSci major, and realized that everyone of the articulation agreements required 3-4 quarters of Physics. I'm just wondering, why is...
  28. T

    Programs PHD in Computer Science with a concentration in Chaos Theory

    Hi everyone, I am working on a second bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and am hoping to enter a Phd program in fall of 2019. Recently, I have taken an interest in Chaos Theory and was wondering if it is possible to do research in the field in the Computer Science department, or if it is...
  29. S

    Wind Tunnel Simulation

    Hi everyone, I am currently doing my Computer Science A-Level project and I'm thinking of simulating a wind tunnel but I am also having a really hard time figuring out how to start. I am programming it in Visual Basic (XNA) and using Blender for models. Could anyone guide me in the right...
  30. P

    Programs Question about double major

    For a long time I wanted to get degrees in both mechanical and electrical engineering and I recently heard about double majors. For me it's not as much about jobs I want in the future. I wanted to become an engineer because they are problem solvers. I wanted to invent things and or make them...