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BS E-Physics to a graduate program in EE?

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    Hello PF,

    I did a quick google and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for so here it is:
    I am an undergrad graduating next year with a bachelors in Engineering Physics. So far my concentration has been in physics. I took one Intro to EE course which I liked, and I am taking a circuits course right now.

    Besides those two classes, the rest have been all pure physics. I've done research (still am) under a HEP professor dealing with high voltage sources and other circuit related stuff.

    Will Masters programs in Electrical engineering accept someone with that little background? I feel EE shouldn't be that different having taken so much E&M, though in practice everythings different.

    My GPA is decent, above 3.5 and same goes for the "math & physics" gpa.

    Any replies are appreciated.

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    If all you know is basic circuit theory then I'd say you're unprepared. EE actually know little EM, generally only taking one semester of it in a lower level course than physicists. The rest of their courses will be microelectronics, digital design, signal processing, control theory, communications, etc.

    So if you want study EM related stuff then you should be better off. Most graduate schools I've seen require lower level coursework to be taken before or during their first year if coming in from a different specialty.
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