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BS Physics + BS Math or BS Physics + BS E Eng?

  1. Jan 1, 2016 #1
    (Edit) also, I am putting this thread in the career guidence section because this question is more focused on the employability consequences of the decision rather than an acedemic question

    Hello, I'm heading into my second semester of my physics degree with the intention of doing a math major as well. I'm really wanting to do a physics PhD but I feel like it may be foolish of me to not at least prepare for something else.

    I originally was planning on going to university for an electrical engineering degree for employability but I knew that physics was my real passion so I never went for it. But now I'm unsure if I should go for the easier (or better put: the second degree with the most overlapping courses) mathematics degree or go for the electrical engineering degree which would definitely increase the courseload significantly.

    I will not be spending anymore than 4 years for my undergraduate experience so it does become a very difficult choice for me.

    Also, perhaps it's worth mentioning that I'm more than willing to take summer classes whenever provided they don't interfere with potential research opportunities with my physics degree (which I don't believe they will).

    Frankly, I would love to do all three, but I don't really know of that's possible.
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    Employment markets are local, so the answer depends on your location. In the US, either combo would work well if you are willing to do a nationwide job search and graduate with a good GPA. BS Physics + BS Math may require you to work in or near big cities. BS Physics + BS EE more likely will give you more geographic flexibility.
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