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BS physics to a MS mech. engineering?

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    I'm a 2nd year student at FSU. Currently a ME major. Considering switching because I don't like the satellite campus that houses the College of Engineering here. The main campus was why I selected FSU. I've heard that a BS physics is an easy crossover to a MS M.E. Plus I love physics, its my leisure reading usually. But I have a few questions.

    - Would a BS physics/MS ME be competitive with a BS/MS ME in the field. My dream job is to be a Disney imagineer.
    - What kind of qualifications are needed to do analytical finance work with physics? Would I be able to be competitive with engineering/math majors? As this would be my second job choice.
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    I'm no expert, so I can't really answer your questions, but I would think twice before changing majors just because you don't like the campus. Granted, one's study environment is important, but still ...
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    While Mechanical engineering requires intensive classical physics, fluid dynamics and a few other popular topics in physics, it is not really as easy as you think.

    Well, I am saying this is because my physics advisor told me when I asked for double major.
    I totally agree with the poster above. Don't just switch because you dont like the program or people there. Apply for transfer if you have to.
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