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I Building a List of Feynman Diagrams

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    Back again. This time I'm looking to build a small catalog of Feynman diagrams for my own use (and when I'm done to put it on the Internet in PDF format). I need your help to get a list of URLs together that I can download the required PDF's off the internet, bring them into Illustrator and have them all in the same style.

    I don't want an exhaustive list but maybe for the main modes observed in the LHC with a few examples of particles of higher flavored quarks, and a few common mesons.

    If you can help, please post URLs of direct download locations of PDF's especially (but HTL works too) of collections of Feynman diagrams so I can get this project together. Thanks in advance.
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    And have you done any research yourself already or are you asking us to do it all for you?
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    Look all I need is some URL's of download locations. Most of the crap on the net is just bits and pieces of Fenyman diagrams (I know I've checked). And if there is all (and all I mean most common diagram including like lowest flavor quark diagrams) in one spot, I'd be interested in fining out the download location. Just curious is all.
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    Thread locked for Moderation.

    We do not do your projects for you here. Please send me a PM that shows your effort on this project so far, and then we can re-open the thread for comments from others.
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