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Calculate dielectric function from n and k

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    Dear All,

    I am trying to calculate the dielectric function of a thin silicon film from the real and imaginary values of the refractive index, which I have for wavelengths between 300 and 900 nm. If I have the n and k values (real and imaginary components of the refractive index), could anyone advise me as to how excactly to calculate the dielectric function from these values?

    Am I correct in thinking the formulae shown under the 'Relation to dielectric constant' section in the following link are the right formulae to use?


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Assuming that the material is nonmagnetic ([itex]\mu = \mu_0[/itex]), you can just use [itex]\epsilon = (n+ i k)^2[/itex]. Of course, you have to be careful to make sure you get the signs of the real and imaginary parts of the permittivity right.
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    In optics, the statment [tex] \mu=\mu_0[/tex] is not an assumption about the material being non-magnetic, but a definition. All magnetic effects are taken care of by the wavenumber dependence of the dielectric constant.
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