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Calculate second order derivative

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    Calculate f" for f(x)=g(e^(2x)), where g is a function defined for all real numbers & g admits second order derivative.

    please check if I did it right.
    f = g(e2x)
    f' = 2e2x g'
    f'' = 4e2xg' + 2e2xg''

    I have expanded out

    4e2xg'(u) + 2e2xg''(u)
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    Fix your equations. g is ending up in the exponent.
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    4e2xg'(u) + 2e2xg''(u)
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    4e2xg'(u) + 4e4xg''(u)

    when taking the derivative of the derivative you forget the factor 2e2x
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