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Calculate the location of something

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    is it possible to calculate the location of say my right hand and track its motion without using any cameras.(using radio triangulation,accelerometer,etc..) i would like to have some sort of ground sensor. and i only want to track that one object not several, i would like to know the distance from the sensor, height of object being tracked, location relative to the location of the ground sensor.
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    I have several ideas for you. But first, can you use a transponder attached to the object? What will the maximum detection/tracking range be? Will you please describe what you are aiming for in some greater detail? A designer needs "design specifications" or "anticapated operating characteristics" to make a reasonable proposal.
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    on the issue of sonar. it seems very intruiging but there may be a few probelems i need the tracker to be a small bar roughly 1"x4" and can sonar be used to track a single body part?
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