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Calculate the magnetic energies of Cu and Al

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    The Question i am trying to solve is " Calculate the magnetic energies of Cu and Al in an applied field of 5mT at 0K."
    As far as i can find is that Cu is not a superconductor and Al is a superconductor and has a critical field of 15mT, which is higher than the applied applied field so it will act as super conductor and the formula for magnetic energy in Kittel is (Square(H))/ (2μ0). But how to find the magnetic energy of Cu.
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    Re: Superconductors

    I am wondering about the meaning of that question. In a superconductor there can be no magnetic field, so you can't calculate it's magnetic energy in that field.
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    Re: Superconductors

    I am sorry i did not explain it. Consider it as a magnetic method of measuring stabilization free energy. Its in Kittel p.271 eighth edition.
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