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Homework Help: Calculating mass of air from Speed and Density?

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    For the hovering helicopter, it is assumed that all the air beneath the blades is pushed vertically downwards with the same speed of 4.0m/s. No other air is disturbed.

    The density of air is 1.2kg m^-3

    How can you calculate, for the air moved downwards by the rotating blades,

    i) the mass per second
    ii) the rate of change in momentum ??
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    You can't unless you know the area of the blades. Do you?
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    The length of each blade of the helicopter is 0.70m. The area that the blades sweep out as they rotate is 1.5 m^2.
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    could you not just calculate the area of the cylinder? which would be an area of 6m^3. then find out the mass of the air in the 6m^3. I believe that would be the mass per second.

    As for the change in momentum, I am unclear as to what the question is asking. Are you asking for the change in momentum of the helicopter? Or the change in momentum of the air?
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    in case of any ambiguity, the 6m^3 arises from 1.5m^2(area of the blades), multiplied by the metres of air displaced in one second.(4m)
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    the area = 85.9645m^2
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