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Calculating Tension in Overhead Conductor with added Wind pressure

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    Hi was wondering if anyone knows how to calculate the tension in a overhead conductor say 'Dog' conductor over a 100m Span with a wind of 900Pa given its properties are as below

    'Dog' Conductor properties

    Diameter = 14.15mm
    Weight = 0.3965kg/m
    Area = 118.8mm^2
    CBL = 32.7kN
    Expansion Co = 0.0000139
    Mod of elasticity = 139

    This is with an initial tension of 10% CBL.
    And no change in temperature.
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    If we take away the wind, I would presume that this is a basic catenary calculation; do you agree? What does the term "Dog" denote? What does a wind load in Pa mean? We normally specify wind loading by giving wind speed, so what is this? What is CBL? What are the units on your modulus of elasticity?
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    Dog is the name of the type of conductor which is used. wind load is wind pressure which you can convert to from wind speed. CBL is calculated breaking load of the conductor and the units on the modulus of elasticity is GPa. Pa is pascals.
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