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Calculating The Mean, Standard Error, and Standard Error of the Mean

  1. Oct 25, 2009 #1

    How do you calculate the Mean and standard error of a data set without having to crunch all the numbers?

    I have a set of data with 45 entries and numbers in the tens of thousands and was wondering if there was a way to calculate these without have to punch hundreds of number into a calculator.

    I know there is the sample mean and standard error but how do you pick a sample of data that will give you an accurate answer?
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    Sure. Just get a big piece of paper and a pencil and write all the numbers down. Add the up and divide by how many there are. That will give you the mean of your set of numbers.

    I'm being facetious. If you're going to have a device do the arithmetic for you, you're going to have to enter the numbers into the device some way.
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