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Calculation of the Distance to the Moons Apogee/Perigee ?

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    I want to calculate whether the perigee / apogee of the Moon always takes place at the exact same distances (radius to Earth) as measured by the LLR (Lunar Laser Ranging).

    I trust that we know the size of the orbit of the moon very exactly, and also that the orbit is growing larger.

    But I want to check whether calculation of the perigee / apogee happens the exact same distance as measured, to test if there should be any (periodical) distance (radius) anomaly.

    My questions are;
    • Is that already done?
    • Does it already exsist such software?
    • Who is into that “business” ?
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    No, I am looking for a much more accurate orbit data of the Moons orbit, I think I have to program it my self
    All advise are welcome.
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