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Calculus Calculus II book to really understand

  1. Jan 21, 2016 #1
    I'm taking Calculus II and my class is a flipped classroom so I am excited to finally be able to learn in a way that works for me. However, I am having some trouble finding resources to help me truly understand the material. Ideally, a book would introduce topics in a way that explains the problem that inspired the creation of the concept in the first place. So for derivatives, it could talk about a problem in physics that they needed to know the instantaneous rate to solve. Then it would kind of guide you to figure out how to approach such a problem on your own and to find a method to solve for the derivative.
    I am a math education major, so maybe i need to get used to vigorous proofs but I feel that that would confuse me more. I think I would do better to have a book that doesn't contain any math at all (no formulas or proofs). I am pretty good at deriving things when I understanding them so the important thing is that I find a book that helps me to understand the concepts. I'm currently learning about vectors in 3d space and I can't even find that in many of the calculus II books I've looked at so thats another problem.
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    I would check out George Simmon's Calculus with Analytic Geometry or Streetwise Guide to Calculus series. Both books are written very well, and from a perspective of education.
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    Awesome thanks!
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