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Can a electron be stationary.?

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    we know electron possess dual nature Ie particle and wave...we can expect a particle to be stationary but not a wave..does that mean electron can't be at rest.?
    ***In that case,it can't have a rest mass.
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    Standing wave is at one point or at least does not move itself to other space coordinates. Rest mass is at 501KeV. The wave does have spatial dimensions so the electron is not a infinite small point particle. But one can treat it is a point particle for most of the interactions.
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    We don't exactly know; the amount of time it would end up being would be a fraction of a nanosecond. Stationary Electrons could be a fascinating theory, but real implications could be useless. Also from an applied point of view if electrons are like the moon being pulled by weak gravitational force they are always in motion. Even however small a number electrons can be thought of as either always in motion or stationary for a fraction of time.
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