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Can a foreigner work in American airlines as an engineer?

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    I'm from China and I am studying AE in University of Illinois in the US. I would like to work in the US after graduate. It's clear that an American citizenship is necessary to find a job in some companies on designing and manufacturing, like Boeing and Locked Martin.
    I want to know whether I can work in airlines, for example, Delta, Northwest, United, and some companies only focus on civil use, like Cessna Cirrus,as an engineer without the American citizenship. I look this up on their websites, but they don't say anything about citizenship. Does that mean those companies do not require American citizenship, or its just a tradition, so, they simply don't mention it?

    Thank you!
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    If you want to find out what is required, I suggest you contact the Human Resources departments of the various airlines to find out:
    1. If they have any positions in which you might be interested.
    2. What qualifications are required for the particular position.
    3. What citizenship/immigration issues might apply to you if you are hired.

    Whether or not American citizenship will be a requirement for employment, you probably will need to get a 'Green Card' in order to be able to work in the US, since you will not be permitted to work on a student visa unless you get prior approval. You will also need to get a Social Security Number for use on various tax forms.

    In any event, I suggest that if a job is offered, you ask your new employer for help in navigating the US CIS bureaucracy.
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    My company (not an airline company, but heavily involved in aerospace) has had a few non US citizens working for them over the last few years.

    There are restrictions which programs they can work on and where in the company facilities they're allowed to go, but they have non ITAR sensitive programs they're allowed to work.

    I will second what SteamKing said: Your best bet is to contact the HR departments directly with your questions, rather than get second-hand opinions from a web forum.
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