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Can a power ribbon be spliced together?

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    i was taking apart HP notebook to replace HD and when I was pulling the housing for the keybaord up I didnt notice this ribbon connector thing that was threaded through the housing. It snapped apart. It connected straight to the power connector. I dont understand how ribbons work but it looks like that it would be impossible to put back together because there are 4 or 5 strips of metal underneath the plastic sheath..so i guess you have to just replace it (?) .. But is this right? Is there a way to repair it? thanks
    (I can post a pic if this explains the prob better)
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    Which is easier to replace? A $5 busted cable, or a $500 fried notebook?
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    It depends on what material the cable is made out of. If it is a copper flex circuit the the answer is with great difficulty. If it a conductive ink type then it is pretty much impossible to fix it. Either way replacement is the best answer.

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    ive since looked it up and its about $10 replacement so i guess its not worth it to even try to fix.
    thanks for the answers though.
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