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Newbie Converting a USb power to wall(110v)

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    Complete newbie to anything and everything but has a little bit of street smarts. sorry for wrong wording of any terms I use but hopefully you can get the gist of it.
    OK so I'm building a custom laptop stand/ cooler device. I have made a wooden platform about 15 inches by 9 inches and stands about 5 inches tall. I have drilled six holes in it about 3 inches each in diameter for ventalation.
    I have three little computer type fans that were inside of an Xbox 360 intercooler that I took apart cause it was loud as a freakin 1960 eras vehicle and I also heard reviews of it sucking too much power and ruining the 360. it has the red and black wires running from each fan to a main power area.(power and ground) I'm wondering what it would take to get the fans powered. I'm sure I could find a way to splice an old usb and mostly make it plug and play.(not too sure of that idea just a speculation) I would not really like to do it that way but if its a little easier I will consider it
    The main thing I'm wanting to do is make it so I can have it plug right into the wall outlet. The laptop stand will stay in the same spot at all times. the laptop is just a POS and overheats constantly and shuts down. its an HP and they have had about a million recalls on the battery for overheating and pretty much blowing up, I have gotten two new batteries and still nothing changes. I have all the spyware I have enough free space on the HD( never lower that 25 and it has 200 total.) and it has 2 gb of ram. its not a bad laptop on the inside it just overheats constantly.
    So now for your guys help. How can I wire the fans to the bottom of the stand I have made so they can go right into the wall without blowing me and the house up. Could I just take apart an old power cord (2 plug or 3 plug?) and twist them together? what are all the options that I have to make this work? Or is it just a dumb idea and I should just scrap the whole thing? what can I do? any help or info will be very very very helpful. thanks
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    Don't try and wire anything into the wall unless you know what you're doing or else you'll die.
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    First, the fans you have are probably 12Vdc or 5Vdc, not 110Vac. So no need to try to mess with the AC Mains (which is good -- you don't have the skills yet for that).

    Does it say on the fans what their input voltage is? The easiest way to power them is to use a "wall wart" switching power supply (rated for the correct voltage, and able to supply the required current). You can get these wall wart power supplies at Radio Shack and similar stores.
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