How to replace your laptop screen

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When the screen on a laptop breaks, it can be a very intimidating problem indeed for those who have never taken a laptop apart in the past before,

In this Instructable i hope to dispel a part of that mystery in an effort to empower you so you can repair your own laptop next time it breaks.

Things you will need
a small phillips head Screw driver
a few small cups or containers (for the many screws on your laptop)
a small flat head screw driver (for the plastic clips on the top bezel)
and a Replacement screen ( the most expensive part, but if you look in craigslist you can get a broken laptop with a working screen fairly easy and replace your broken machine with the working parts from the other broken laptop)

or you can go through your laptop manufacturer to order a new screen. (usually not cheap)

One more note. by perfoming these actions you will be voiding your warranty assuming you have any left on the machine. if you do have a warranty on the machine, just send it out to the Depot and get it fixed for free.
if you have no more warranty then forget the above and get ready to get our hands dirty =D the laptops already broken any way what more can you do to it =P

also, before touching any circuits or any thing its good to ground yourself to dispel any static electricity you may have on you. so touch some bare metal Or if you have it pull out your anti static strap and make good use of it.

start by flipping your laptop over and Removing the Battery and every screw on the screen side of your laptop (remember to pull the screws that are hiding Under the battery as well)

Then you will remove a keyboard screw which is normally in the middle of the laptop (it will commonly have a small image of a keyboard near it to make things easier for you)

the last thing we will do is disconnect the Wireless antenna wires.

On the HP dv9000 series the wireless card is kept under the same plate as the Memory which makes things easy for us since it gives us a little more room.

locate which little plate is hiding your wireless card (it doesn't hurt to open them all up and see what's under them all any way since this is a learning experience)

once you have located the card with the black and antenna wires snaking away from it Note which wire goes to which side of the card (I'm not sure how important it is to re attache them properly since their just clipped wires and they don't close any circuit but its good to re attache things the right way the first time haha)

OK now were ready to go to the top side of the laptop.

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