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Programs Can a Pure Math undergrad get into an Applied Math PhD program?

  1. Oct 30, 2012 #1
    I want to get my undergraduate in Pure math (I've taken and will take some additional CS courses). My question is, would I still be a competitive candidate for a PhD program in computational biology? (mathematical modelling of biological/behavioral/social systems) or should I really get my undergrad in Applied Math?

    I've heard that you can go from Pure undergrad to Applied grad, but not the other way around. Any advice?
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    I think that in going from a math undergrad program to a graduate program, the distinction between pure vs. applied is the least of your concerns. I think you should try to find other ways to distinguish yourself, such as research opportunities.

    -Dave K
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    What you need to do is look at up PhD programs that have type of program you wand and look at the requirements they have for admission. I can basically promise you that they won't say "oh you need a pure or applied degree." If it's a math focus PhD the requriement is usually you need a B.s in Mathematics with course in linear algebra, real analysis I and II and modern algebra course. In my experience, applied math focus and pure math focus still take these coruses.
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    And even then, they will often accept you conditionally if you take a few of the missing courses, yeah?

    -Dave K
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