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Can an artificial human heart support 220v?

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    I have a question. If an human have an artificial heart can the artifical heart support 220v?
    if the answer is yes. Can the human maipulate electricity?
    maybe is an stupid question but can you answer please
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    Your artificial heart might be able to take 220 if it were designed to do so, but your nervous system will not, and every muscle in your body will be contracted, resulting in fractured bones if you're in good shape, strangulation, suffocation, and other unpleasant side effects.
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    In what way do you want the artificial heart to "support 220V"?

    The voltage used for powering it would be designed in based on the available power supplies, the amount of power that needed to be delivered, size constraints, safety, etc.

    If you are asking the heart to supply 220V, it would have to provide that from its own battery or other power source.
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