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I Can an Atom Become a Black Hole?

  1. May 17, 2017 #1
    If you shrunk an atom down to a certain point would it become a black hole like all matter in the universe can? How big would it be?
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    Even if you could, which I doubt, it would evaporate in the instant of its creation so measuring it would be a bit tough.
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    Just wondering... by what means do you plan on shrinking down an atom?
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    Considering the mess we've made of things in our own back yard, this is probably a very good thing.....
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    If we could accelerate protons to the Planck energy and collide them, we should be able to form artificial black holes (that evaporate quickly - but then we can study the decay products).
    Unfortunately the energy we can reach in current accelerators is a factor 100000000000000 (1014) too low.
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