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Homework Help: Can anyone help me slove this question?

  1. Apr 19, 2012 #1
    Calculate the terminal speed for a bacterium in water. Use the expression for the drag force in the equation
    F drag = −Crv .
    Assume the bacterium has a mass m = 4 10−15 kg, a drag coefficient
    C = 0.02 N • s/m2 and can be approximated as a sphere of radius r = 1 μm.
    a. Draw a force diagram for the bacterium. Is it in equilibrium? Why?
    b.Find the speed (size of the velocity) of the bacterium
    c.How long does it take a bacterium to fall from the top of a lake of depth 2.5 m to the bottom if it falls at this speed?
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    Hi dangkykodc, welcome to PF. The way this homework forum works is that if you show us your work and where you got stuck, we'll be happy to help you. That is why we have the template :)
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