Can anyone recommend Calclus Made Easy?

I'm planning on self-studying for the AP Physics C: Mechanics examination, which has some basic calculus, so I'm contemplating the book Calculus Made Easy by Sylvanus Thompson.

Can anyone recommend this book to a beginner to Calculus with some background in algebra, and trigonometry?

How good is the book?


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What one fool can do, any other can!

It's a great book. Feynman used it too.
It's good for review or to shine on things you have a difficulty with; not necessarily to learn new material.


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The great mathwonk LOVED the 1910 version of Calculus Made Easy, he said that it's pretty much the only book you'll need to learn Calc.

However, his opinion about the recent edition (with Martin Gardner) is the exact opposite.
I tutored a peer that was using Calculus Made Easy (not sure of the edition) and it seemed to confuse and mislead her a bit. I guess it's just a tidbit to consider.
I love the book! Leave the real analysis to books on real analysis. I have to stronglu disagree with Mathwonk, though(I have access to both versions, my dad has the 1910 version, and I have the 2008 one). The updated version(Gardner) did not change the style of the book, just the language(modern notation, etc.) I prefer Gardner for this reason. However, both versions are in print, I believe.

EDIT: Since this book(the 1910 edition) is in public domain, it will not be against the rules to post a link to it:
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