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Can anything capture a black hole?

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    Hello everyone :) I hope this, my first, question here on this forum lives up to it's standard. I try :)


    #1: Assuming stable MBH's (micro black hole's) can exist.

    #2: Assuming such MBH's can form from cosmic radiation colliding with particles.

    Can any object with mass, apart from another black hole, then stop or capture this MBH inside itself? (such as a neutron star for instance)

    Or will the MBH always 'win' and continue through (and later away from, when it exits on the opposite side of it's entry-point) whatever object of mass it encounters along it's traveling trajectory?

    I guess my question is: can anything stop (bring to a halt or stand-still) an MBH along it's traveling trajectory, or will it maintain a high traveling velocity virtually forever regardless of what it 'hits' (or absorbs) on it's way?

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