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Can collision of two protons create multiple antiprotons ?

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    collision of two protons at about 1.8 Gev results in
    p + p --> p + p + p + p*
    will collision at an energy of 3.6 Gev result in
    p + p --> p + p + p + p + p* + p*
    if not what else happens ?
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    Yes, along with anything and everything that's consistent with the conservation laws, especially energy conservation, charge and baryon number. Lighter particles are more likely. So along with two or more baryons you'll get pions, kaons, gammas, lepton pairs, etc.
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    I think you would have a really hard time colliding the protons head on. Most of the time you would just be colliding the gluons (or sea quarks as well) inside the protons. Its actually really hard to get two protons to collide head on. Even if you did, I don't think the cross section for p p -> p p p p* or p p -> p p p p* p p* would be very significant.... But i have not done that calculation to be honest.
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