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Can dark energy be converted into dark mass?

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    I assumed Dark energy is no exception to Einstein famous energy equation. What would dark mass look like, I mean besides it having the quality of darkness? What would distinguish dark mass from non-dark mass?
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    dark mass comprises elusive objects such as WIMPS, which do not interact with other matter, and are thus undetectable by current means.
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    This is incorrect. Don't be fooled by the fact that energy is in the name; Dark energy certainly isn't similar to the kind of energy we're normally used to (be it mass or pure energy). It's merely the name given to whatever is causing the acceleration of the universal expansion.
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    "Dark" doesn't interact with photons, so we can't see it. Non-dark mass does interact with photons, so we can. Of course, as Nabeshin mentions, dark energy isn't easily understood as simply being some stuff with mass. It behaves rather differently in how it responds to gravity due to its pressure.
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