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Can extreme exposure to allergies cause a fever?

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    On Friday, I was outside nearly all day. I have bad allergies, and supposedly, the past few days have been particularly bad for allergins. Things that don't usually bloom together are, and pollen counts are supposed to be very high.

    Anyway, Friday I felt kinda crappy, just cause my body was being raped by allergins all day. Saturday, I got a fever, and I felt like I had a cold. Today, I'm feeling almost all better.

    So I was wondering, if you get enough allergins in your system, will your body treat it like any other antigens and pump up the heat to try to kill off the invaders?
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    Hypersensitivity or type one allergies is just as you described here. The body reconises these proteins as foreign bodies and you B-lymphocytes produce anti bodies, this immuno response is identical to any other infection.

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    Sounds reasonable to me...
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    The shots have helped my son, he no longer gets to the stage of feeling feverish. While he had slighter allergies when he was younger, after he turned 20 they hit him full force.
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    Hope you're feeling better by now. It's hard to say right now...in addition to the bad allergy season this year, there's also a nasty cold going around...the combined effect is really unpleasant.
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