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Homework Help: Can heat be the cause of the expansion of the universe?

  1. Feb 16, 2010 #1
    It's for a project at school. I really need some help...

    I found this website...

    and also here's my current work on my paper...


    1.) Is heat present in the outer space?
    1.1) Are there any matter/ energy that may carry or produce heat in the outer space?
    1.2) How can that matter/ energy carry and produce heat as it travels in the universe?​
    2.) Is there equal distribution of particles/ matter in the universe?
    2.1) Where do those particles/ matter come from?
    2.2) Would the expansion be concentrated in specific areas?​
    3.) Is the universe really expanding?
    3.1) Will the universe continue to expand?
    3.2) May the universe contract if it cools down?
    3.3) How can heat support the expansion of the universe?​

    Thank you so much for all of your help.

    And, additional information... I also came across a website that tells me that photons and neutrinos may have a collision and the heat produced from the kinetic energy will cause the universe to expand. but because of the neutrino- there will become a cooling effect. Then, the photon heats up the space again and the neutrino cools down. It's reapets over and over in infinity, just like the expansion of the universe.
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  3. Feb 16, 2010 #2
    Hi there and welcome. I'm not sure what exactly the homework-helping policies are here, but here is a forum entirely for academic guidance. May I suggest you repost this there, and delete the original post here? I think you'd get a better reception. I assume we don't just DO your homework for you, but guide you to answers. That said, I'm new here too (relatively speaking)
  4. Feb 18, 2010 #3


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    The answer is no - we do not just hand out answers to people's homework questions. For two reasons:

    1. It is typically cheating.
    2. It is the wrong way to learn.

    Please show some effort - attempt to answer the questions yourself and we can help guide from there.
  5. Feb 18, 2010 #4
    Sorry for pitching in (one of the deleted posts). I made an a** out of u and me... typical.
  6. Feb 19, 2010 #5
    Sorry, my bad.
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