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Can help me to find physics college

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    I want to ask about university of colorado at boulder in general physics (undergraduate). Can any one help me, please?. And if their better colleges in physics tell me about it, I want a college which creat a student with understanding minds ( I mean good stuff of teaching ) and not very hard in study and exams ( I mean normal exams and simples ).
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    any one answer me, please?
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    Quite often your education (especially undergraduate) is what you make of it. Many people go to "poor" schools and make out quite well and end up at excellent graduate schools. As far as choosing where to go, your best bet is to just visit the school you are interested in and talk to some professors and students if possible. Regarding your statement, a good physics program is going to require a lot of hard work. You cannot just rely on an instructor to make you understand things.
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