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Can I do a Masters after an MSci?

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    I'm from the UK and in currently in a Maths and Physics Msci program. I'd like to do a masters in a more computer science and engineering related field, for example "MSc in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering"

    I seem to have the entry requirements and the course can cater to diverse backgrounds.

    Is this sensible? How likely am I to be accepted into something like this?

    I'm worried as my degree has limited lab time and is very theoretical. Although I am planning on taking units in Information Theory and Cryptography so will that help?
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    If you fit the entry requirements and write a coherent statement as to why you are applying, then it is highly likely that you will be accepted. MSc courses are rarely over-subscribed and you will have to fund it yourself so as long as the Department thinks you have the ability to succeed they will accept you. It's not like their money is on the line like it is with PhD funding. In some cases they may require an interview so you ought to be clued up as to why exactly you want to do an MSc.

    I don't know the particulars of the MSc that you're applying for so I don't know what courses will help. You should email the course convener and ask him/her yourself!
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