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Can i learn programming in university?

  1. Sep 21, 2014 #1
    I'm going straight to the point- I'm lazy and have poor self discipline. I'm trying to fix it but it's taking its time (right now I'm trying to make myself study regularly). I've always been interested in programming, but I've never had the discipline to self-learn the subject. I tinkered with Python a lot and was getting decent at it. I even spent an entire night finding a program that calculated a triangle with all sides being integers. But suddenly I felt too lazy to learn further. I think I got frustrated with the book I was using.

    It's not that I don't have 'true' passion or anything. I just need someone to push me until I reach a point where my passion breaks through my laziness. I was interested in guitar but didn't practice but I got a teacher and reached a point where now I practice it regularly everyday. I also think I need a programming teacher but I can't find anyone in my country (Bangladesh). So I have 2 years left till university, can I learn to be a decent programmer then? I thrive in an environment where I'm constantly forced to do stuff instead of forcing myself to do it. And the worst part about having poor self discipline is that to teach yourself self discipline you need self discipline- it's a paradox for me.

    Edit: I'm not asking whether I can only learn programming in university, because I know if I take the courses I am going to be taught. But I'm mainly asking whether I fall behind the others (both academically and careerwise) who already know coding. I want to make my own websites, etc.
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    It really depends on what you plan to study in university. If it's physics, you'll probably have a course that'll introduce you to programming, but something not very deep.

    If it's anything related to computers (computer science, for example), then you'll definitely learn coding and I don't think you'll fall much behind the others when it comes to grading.

    Have you tried learning how to code using a massive open online course? (Coursera for example)
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    If you take an introductory programming course, you shouldn't have a disadvantage having no prior experience. Those who do have experience have an advantage, but that doesn't mean you are disadvantaged.

    I also second the suggestion made above that you should try some online resources like Coursera.
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    I agree with Rocklet50, you shouldn't be at a disadvantage leaving learning to program until your introductory programming course at university. I think tinkering around with stuff 'cause it's fun, and stopping if it ceases to be fun is fine at this stage. As long as you do all your school work - even if isn't fun! (It can't all be fun...)

    Why not try building a web site, there's lots of free hosting out there. You can tinker with HTML and Javascript to quickly build fun stuff easily. Python might be too steep a learning curve at your level, depending on the book you are using. Also having an aim would be fun - start a blog called "The Lazy Programmer" and talk about how you can't do stuff unless you're pushed. Stick Google AdSense ads on it and make some money! (Always a good incentive...)
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