Can I post pictures of text from books here?

  1. I'm reading some books and I don't understand some places. Instead of typing long paragraphs, I'd like to post pictures of those paragraphs and ask questions. Is it illegal or anything to post pictures from the books? I mean, is it a copyright violation. Would it be alright if I cite the source?
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    The part of the law that applies is "Fair Use":

    I believe as long as you copy only a small part (like a paragraph and an equation), and provide attribution, your posting it here to clarify your question would qualify under Fair Use.

    ('course, I'm not a lawyer, not even on TV...) :smile:
  4. Thanks for the help :)
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  6. That's a great suggestion. Since much more of the of the book is available to view, the context of the parts related to the question is available too.
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