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The text areas are interfering with typing

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    Whenever I'm typing text into a reply box on this forum, I noticd that my cursor and selection like to jump around on their own.

    This happens a lot when trying to cut and paste things(with ctrl+x and ctrl+v, not with the mouse), but not always. I'll cut something, decide not to move it, paste it back, and suddenly the text is at the start of the paragraph instead of where I just cut it from.

    The problem is especially egregious on my android phone for some reason. Anytime I try to paste by long-clicking, the long-click is cancelled by some kind of a focus change.

    Please check for any javascript reacting to keyboard events that has side effects on the text area, then kill that javascript with fire. It is *really* frustrating. I often have to edit posts in a separate text editor because the reply text area is so tempermental.
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    I never had that problem with Firefox. Something browser-specific?
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    Is this just on your phone, or on a tablet as well. You don't see this with a laptop or desktop, right? Just trying to understand on what devices this is showing up for you...
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    The cancelled long-press issue is unique to the android phone (on firefox), but the general issues also apply to my windows machine on firefox and my ubuntu machine on chrome.

    It's possible that it has something to do with me using script blocking extensions (noscript, scriptsafe, remove-it-permanently, ublock, etc), but usually that *fixes* these kinds of UI-not-acting-like-default issues instead of causing them.

    I assume you can trigger the issue by writing a bunch of text into the reply box then trying to move around it with the keyboard while copying and pasting chunks of text.
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