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Courses Can I take the entire ENG 4U course for summer school and graduate this year?

  1. Sep 4, 2007 #1
    Toronto:Can I take the entire ENG 4U course for summer school and graduate this year?

    I can not take ENG 4U during the school year and I have to graduate this year. Can I take the entire ENG 4U course for summer school and graduate this year?

    This question is for people who live in Toronto or Canada.
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    What course is this, and at what educational institution?

    EDIT: The original post has been edited to answer this question.
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    This course is Grade 12 English for University. This thread is for Toronto people because they have their own educational system.
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    Have you also completed 40 hours worth of community service? As well completed the other 29 courses?
    I dont know how well that is going to work out if you complete the English course in the 08 summer and still be able to register for university (If thats what you are trying to get at).
    Besides that, if you have all the prerequisites to graduate after completion of ENG4U then there should be no problem.
  6. Sep 5, 2007 #5
    You'd have to ask your counsellor (however useless they may be). I'm not sure exactly, but I think you may be able to. However, a word of caution. Summer school is not reliable because classes get filled and cancelled all the time. I signed up for physics in 5 different schools, 4 canceled, and the 5th was full even tho I applied very early. Seeing as you NEED english to graduate, I would put something else in the summer otherwise ur screwed. Although I think ENG is more popular than physics and the problem wont be as severe.
  7. Mar 13, 2008 #6
    ENG4U credit

    You can get an ENG4U credit within a month if you can put in the time to get all the work done.

    www.ilc.org (in Toronto) offers it by distance and online, start whenever, very reasonable prices but you don't have much good access to help.

    www.virtualhighschool.com (Southwestern Ontario) is similar, it will cost around $500 for a course but you will have access to teachers. This is possibly the only place for anyone who needs to pick up an MCV4U quickly outside of a normal stream. They develop new courses quickly which is helpful since the curriculum in Ontario seems to be changed frequently.
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