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Can I transfer between graduate schools

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    I'm going to a top-tier graduate school this year. However, the professor whom I intended to work with is moving to another school, which I don't want to go. And then there will be no one possible to supervise me in the current department.

    I'm thinking about transferring to another graduate school which has a slightly lower ranking. Is it possible? If yes, what should I do?

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    The answer is yes and no. I changed grad schools, but there was no "transfer". I had to apply and get in to the new school and drop out of the old. It sucked but it was the best decision.
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    Thanks for your reply. If I'm really gonna quit the current program, when should I? My fellowship states that if I'm going to quit the program I have to pay 30% more penalty along with the tuition. That's a lot. So should I quit before the semester started?
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