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Can I use the Latex code used on this site on mine?

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    I really like the math code this site uses to type out the mathematics. Is there a way I can install something on my website server so that I can use it when creating webpages? If so, how?
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    You need some TeX software like MikTeX, and a LaTeX editor like LED so that you can make sure that it works, and then you need a program called ImageMagick to display the pictures. And I almost forgot, you need ghostscript and gsview too. (I tried uninstalling them and couldn't generate any new images, but old ones looked fine). You also need to configure your web server to know where the latex and imagemagick executables are. My notes from a MediaWiki installation I did a few years ago (with Apache running on a Windows XP machine) says that I added the following in LocalSettings.php
    Code (Text):

    $wgUseTeX = true;
    $wgImageMagickConvertCommand = "convert.exe";
    $wgImageMagickIdentifyCommand = "identify.exe";
    $wgLaTexCommand = "latex.exe";
    $wgDvipsCommand = "dvips.exe"
    But you probably shouldn't just copy and paste this. I'm just showing it to let you know that you need to do something like this, but you may not even be using Apache (or Windows). Read the documentation for the relevant programs, and I think you'll do fine.
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