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Can information be added to DNA?

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    Hi I'm debating a creationist and he makes the claim that no DNA can be added to a genome. Says there are no experiments. Can someone help me with concepts or sources to experiments? Thanks
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    This is simply not true. It is the entire basis of genetic engineering.

    For a fun example, many cells are made to fluoresce by engineering them to express Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). This is regularly used to track a particular cell line in a culture.
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    Likely no scientific argument will convince her/him.

    Anyway, most creationists believe that the dog, wolf, coyote, fox, jackal, ethiopian wolf, Indian wild dog, African wild dog, (and some other now extinct species like dire wolf, but I guess they all went extinct during the flood) evolved from a common ancestor in less than 6000 years. This argument works because they cannot deny dog domestication, meaning you can make a 'kind' from a 'kind', whatever they call it. Does that not add information?

    In fact, if you calculate the speed, creationist evolution adds information at a faster rate than neodarwinian evolution.

    Science puts several canid-ancestors at 400,000 tot 100,000 years ago. And you just had a thread on domestication. Obviously wolves split off from all other canids long before that. That means you need to add information about 100x faster for Noah's evolution, so that all the 'kinds' Noah put on the arc(they need this because otherwise there are too many species, making it absurd even in the eyes of creationists) can evolve into all the species we have now.

    That we can see in the lab how proteins of bacteria mutate and gain new properties onder evolutionary pressure, that we can tell exactly where the mutation occurs and how it creates protein homologue that have very different functions, they don't care for that at all.

    Best to try to attack their contradictions and absurdities. Attack that version of creationism as a creationist with an entirely different view of creationisms. Because creationism is wrong, they all struggle coming up with a creationist theory that that makes sense. So they all came up with their own crazy variants.

    But even better, just give up. You will only get negative energy from any attempt to persuade them.
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