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Can one learn Q.Physics self taught?

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    I was curious if it is entirely possible to learn quantum physics up to current knowledge without having to go to university with the right books and material found through out the net/libraries.

    I'm more of a interested person than some one seeking a career in to the subject. So it doesn't make much sense to go to university but i have wanted to learn the maths and the "in detail" aspects to it.

    Most books i have read are some what starters and written to explain to though who have never looked in to Quantum Physics. But i keep feeling a need to learn it more than just understand what we currently know.
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    Depends on what exactly we consider "quantum physics" and what we mean by "up to current knowledge". It's certainly possible to understand quantum mechanics as well as a typical advanced undergraduate student at a university. But there will always be topics that sound like they should be really simple that you don't understand anyway (just look at these two current threads and you'll see that even people with degrees are struggling with "simple" things: 1, 2), and there will be topics that are forever beyond your reach. String theory is the obvious example of that, but I also think you will find it impossibly hard to develop a deep understanding of quantum field theory or the mathematics of quantum mechanics. (Most physicists actually never study the mathematics of quantum mechanics).

    There are many threads with suggestions about what books to read and what math you need to study, so I suggest that you do a search for those.
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