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Homework Help: Can some clarify I did this logical expressoin correctly? descrete math

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    Hello everyone.

    THe directions say:
    You recall that the fastest mammal on earth is either a jaguar or a cheetah. to find a web page to tell you which one is the fastest, write a logical expression containing "jaguar" and "cheetah," and either "speed" or "fastest" but not "car," or "automobile" or "auto"

    I wrote the following:

    "Jaguar" AND "cheeta" AND (speed or fastest) AND NOT (car OR automobile OR auto)

    The book had a simliar problem that stated:
    Write a logical expression to find web pages containing the folowing:
    "United States Presidents" and either "14th" or "fourteenth" but not "amendment".

    The answer was:
    "United States President" AND (14th OR fourteeth) AND NOT amendment

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    Looks right to me.

    - Warren
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    thanks :biggrin:
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    It's right, but one thing worth mentioning--you don't have to use quotes around a single word like "Jaguar." Quotes are only necessary to lump several words together. Also, typo on cheetah.
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