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Homework Help: Can some one explain balacing chemical equations to me

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    I dont understand how to balance equations. I have a huge test in science and i dont understand how do balance them. she says there is a easy short cut but she dosent want to to teach us it beacouse she thinks it will be to easy. could some one tell me a easy way or just explain how to do this.

    here are a few examples

    Na +I2 (arrow going right) NaI

    N2 + O2 (arrow going right) N2O
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    [tex]Na + I_2 \longrightarrow NaI[/tex]

    Now, if you have 2 I on the left side, you will need the same on the right side. So, if you place a 2 in front of the NaI, the I's are balanced, but now you have to go back to the left side to balance the Na's. What number should you place there?

    [tex]?Na + I_2 \longrightarrow 2NaI[/tex]

    Try to follow this logic for the second one and see what you can come up with :).
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