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Can some one tell me what it is ?

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    can some one tell me what it is ?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Do you know what it is? Where did you get the picture?
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    Is there any electrical resistance between the 'peg holes'?
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    I wonder if it's an ancient visual aid for teaching trig functions. If you join the holes to the "origin" you get lots of angles with sin, cos and tan equal to ratios of small integers.

    That would explain the holes along the circular arcs at all the intersections with the lines "y = 1", "y = 2", etc.
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    I think it was made by Archimedes before he made the Antikythera device.


    Joking aside, the center hole seems to be different from the other holes. It looks like it may be a socket for a lead and so maybe the resistance idea is right.

    Can we get a picture of the backside too? Is there any writing on it? Where did you get it? From a school or college environment?

    As an aside, we had some long lost geometry models called Olivier models that were being restored made apparently in the 1820's or later:

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    An adaptation of this,
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