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Can someone check if this forces problem on an incline

  1. Apr 4, 2016 #1
    To me the force P that pulls the bottom block up the incline seems a little low. Can someone confirm with my setup and work in brown is correct? Thank you.


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    Would you expect P to be independent of ##\theta## ?
    Draw a free body diagram for each of the blocks separately.
    And I see one of the two blue arrows (the most illegible one :smile:) can't be right.
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    ΣFxA : P - T - (3mgsinθ) - μk mgcosθ= 0

    That was your hint right XD.
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    How about clearly stating what forces act on the plank and what forces act on the block - separately.

    The mass of the block is 2m, right. Why do you have 3m ?

    The plank acts on the block via friction and via the tension in the cord.
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    I will redo the problem and post it back up. Thanks for you input.
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