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Can someone clarify Wave Power?

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    Alright, so wikipedia says:


    Where does this 64pi come from (i'm skeptical) apon further investigation I found.
    http://www.esru.strath.ac.uk/EandE/Web_sites/01-02/RE_info/wave power.htm
    Saying its 8pi

    and finally

    http://www.ocsenergy.anl.gov/documents/docs/OCS_EIS_WhitePaper_Wave.pdf [Broken]
    Saying its 32pi

    Using my own physics books i've tried to derive the proper equation myself, but havn't had a match to either of these formulas.

    P=FwkA^2 sin(kx-wt)^2

    If someone can derive the equation I'm using to get one of these equations in terms of just
    gravity, amplitude, and period, that would be great.
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    The wave height (H) = twice the wave amplitude (a)

    The Wiki formulae is for a trochoidal wave, the other two are for sinusoidal ones.
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